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Corporate Services

People matter – investing in people and relationships for the long haul is how sustainable networks and business are built.

Pricing info for DR Health Solutions | Nanaimo BC


As a specialist in Personal and Business Health & Wellness Services, Denise ensures her clients understand and manage their motivations, needs and program’s total cost of risk and then assists them in the establishment of programs and sustainable measureable outcomes that will increase the overall return on investment. Each solution is customized and pricing discussed at time of quote.

About Denise Ropp | DR Health Solutions | Nanaimo BC

About Denise Ropp

Denise is the Founder and President of DR Health Solutions Ltd. Denise has been an active consultant in the North American health and wellness industries since 1990. A retired nurse, today she continues to provide effective solutions to clients that are industry leading. Her passion for Wellness has made her a sought-after consultant and speaker in health & wellness.